Direct Entry MSN Online Coursework and On-Campus Learning Options

Our Direct Entry MSN program offers students a choice between learning online and learning on campus. Our Milwaukee campus, which offers only our 5-semester Direct Entry MSN program option, is predominantly in-person, with some hybrid coursework. Our Pleasant Prairie program site, which offers our 5 and 8-semester options, follows a format where online nursing theory coursework is delivered through a dynamic e-Learning platform.

The coursework covers advanced nursing concepts and is designed to accommodate all learners. Students can expect the same level of educational experience at both locations.

On-Campus Coursework

Students who prefer face-to-face instruction with their professors may be better suited for our campus-based coursework in Milwaukee. Classes occur on a set schedule, in a traditional learning format.

You will also experience more face-to-face interaction with your peers, allowing for additional collaboration and support throughout the program.

Online Coursework

The Direct Entry MSN and Extended Option programs in Pleasant Prairie offer an online learning environment, where students participate in an interactive and engaging virtual classroom. Students complete learning activities, readings and assignments asynchronously, when it’s convenient for them. There are also opportunities to meet with faculty and students synchronously in the virtual classroom.

Through the e-Learning platform, you can:

  • Read materials and listen to subject matter experts
  • Complete assignments and quizzes
  • Participate in a discussion forum
  • Interact with instructors during chat sessions
  • Engage and learn with peers from a wide variety of backgrounds

Our e-Learning platform accommodates different learning styles, so that it becomes easier to understand and retain complex nursing concepts.

Virtual Learning Activities

Throughout your completion of online-based coursework, you will use virtual activities to learn how to think like a nurse and make clinical judgments in a safe environment.

From single-topic activities to comprehensive case studies, you’ll be able to engage with your studies and start building the critical problem-solving and decision-making skills that are essential in the nursing profession.

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