Nursing Skills and Simulation Labs in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

During the Direct Entry MSN program, you and a small group of peers will complete a series of nursing skills and simulation labs at our program site near Kenosha, Wisconsin. Under the guidance of faculty, these labs will help prepare you for your clinical rotations—providing individualized learning experiences that teach you how to apply advanced nursing skills in a controlled, risk-free environment.

Lifelike Clinical Scenarios

Our nursing simulation labs get you as close as possible to real-world, high-pressure patient care situations, preparing you for your clinical rotations at various healthcare facilities in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Covering a variety of clinical scenarios, these labs help develop your nursing skills through the use of real hospital equipment and medical manikins in a mock clinical environment.

Every Direct Entry MSN student at Marquette University is involved with the experiences in simulation lab

Working in a controlled environment with an instructor by your side gives you the chance to ask a lot of questions and hone your skills without the fear of putting a patient at risk. Nursing simulation labs comprise these three main steps:

  1. Preparation work for the specific clinical scenario
  2. Completion of the simulation under instructor supervision
  3. Performance evaluation and debriefing with the instructor

You’ll find our debriefing rooms are set up so that you can watch live simulations as well as playback your performance in a simulated activity, which is really helpful during the learning process.

Advanced Learning Activities

Marquette MSN students practice skills before working with patients to become comfortable with their abilities. Our anatomically correct, computerized medical manikins help create realistic situations that are highly effective in helping you develop your critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills—all of which are essential to safe, competent patient care. Our simulated learning activities can also expose you to situations you may not encounter during your clinical rotations.

From giving birth to spurting blood, medical manikins allow you to:

  • Apply advanced skills in high-risk trauma scenarios
  • Learn from and correct mistakes with instructor assistance
  • Practice working with others in patient care strategies

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Learn Online

Your skills labs build off of your online didactic classes. Through online learning, you are offered a flexible and engaging learning environment with support from professors and fellow nursing students to prepare you clinicals and skills labs.

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In-Hospital Clinicals

Your skills labs and online courses pair together to prepare you for real-world nursing experience in your clinical rotations at top health care facilities. You are able to work with real patients in real clinical environments.

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