Acute Care Nurse Practitioners Education with St. Vincent Partnership

The demand for health care professionals is growing at a rapid rate, and the job outlook for acute care nurse practitioners is excellent. Marquette University has recognized this growing demand and has partnered with St. Vincent in Indianapolis to educate acute care nurse practitioners through the part-time Adult-Older Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program in Indianapolis.

This powerhouse partnership molds students into impressive health care providers of tomorrow. Through a ground breaking program layout of online nurse practitioner coursework and preceptorships through St. Vincent, students can continue working as a nurse while simultaneously earning a top-notch education from Marquette University.

Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioners Educated with St. Vincent Partnership

Stellar Partnership = Exceptional Student Experience

Marquette University and St. Vincent share many common values. The relationship between partners is characterized by mutual trust, commitment, and authenticity. Both are mission-based organizations striving to improve the lives and health of the community. As Marquette University focuses on finding solutions to societal and community issues, St. Vincent provides access to educational opportunities for health care workers, like you.

Students partaking in the ACNP program will be eligible to sit for the adult acute care nurse practitioner certification exam.

The Power of Preceptorship at St. Vincent

The partnership with St. Vincent provides students with accessible preceptors within the St. Vincent organization.

Did you know?

Most online nurse practitioner programs leave it up to the students to find their preceptorships. Marquette University’s partnership with St. Vincent means the preceptorship is already found for you.

Marquette understands that earning your advanced nursing degree is challenging enough and unburdens you from the extra step of finding a preceptor.

Nurses at St. Vincent are constantly refreshing their critical thinking skills in order to be successful leaders and skillful providers of health care. You, along with your mentor, will build upon:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills

The preceptorship program at St. Vincent benefits both you and your preceptor. Your preceptors benefit from your additional assistance in providing care to patients. Students bring fresh perspective and new knowledge that can be extremely beneficial to the St. Vincent staff as a whole.

Nurses at St. Vincent are well aware that it is their professional responsibility to help students in the program rise up to meet their potential.

Why Become a Nurse Practitioner?

Most people think of a family nurse practitioner (FNP) when they think of advanced nursing degree. Trying to distinguish the difference between a FNP and an acute care nurse practitioner (ACNP) can be tricky. Both sub-specialties have various differences and share some traits.

Although different, both practice independently and collaboratively to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Acute Care Nurse Practitioners

Acute care nurse practitioners have been in the world of nursing for quite some time.

An ACNP can be characterized as an advanced registered nurse who has earned either their MSN or DNP degree, along with a board certification in the field of acute care. ACNPs provide short-term treatment to patients suffering from serious injuries or illnesses until the patient is capable to operate on their own again.


Because ACNPs have extensive knowledge and specialized training, they have the ability to diagnose their patient’s conditions and are especially efficient in treating injuries and illnesses within their scope of practice.

ACNPs provide care for:

  • Unstable chronic conditions
  • Complex acute illnesses
  • Critical illnesses

Family Nurse Practitioners

Family nurse practitioners (FNP) can be characterized as an advanced registered nurse who works closely with other health care professionals, providing family-focused care.

FNPs have a graduate-level education along with extensive training in family medicine. FNPs are known to have long term relationships with patients.

While FNPs provide care for basic health needs, if additional health care services arise beyond their area of expertise, FNPs coordinate accordingly.

FNPs provide care for:

  • Direct care revolving around the family unit
  • Health promotion
  • Disease prevention
  • Counseling across patient lifespan

High Demand for Acute Care NPs

In today’s world of health care, there is a great need for qualified medical professionals. Countless reasons contribute to this growing need, including health care legislation, demand for primary care, and a retiring and aging baby-boom generation. Health care professionals are desperate and seeking a solution.

Demand for ACNPs is predicted to be especially high, mostly in urban and rural areas of the country where medical care is inadequate. Many hospitals have turned to ACNPs due to concerns of patient safety and lowered overall satisfaction with care. In turn, many ACNPs are embracing this opportunity with open arms.

Scope of Practice Debate

A recent study conducted for the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicts that by 2025 the United States will face a shortage of between 46,000-90,000 physicians. These shortages will be in both primary and specialty care, and specialty shortages will be exceptionally large.

As the health care community takes note of this shortage, nurse practitioners are being recognized as a vital solution. Nurse Practitioners have full practice authority in 22 states.

As a result, as the shortage of physicians continues to rise, health care professionals are expecting nurse practitioners to play a key role in the health care community. 

Through Marquette University’s partnership with St. Vincent, students gain a fresh perspective and realize that they are needed.  They understand that the ACNP role holds much potential for meeting the health care needs of today’s ever-growing society.

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