Five Reasons to Become a Nurse with a Biology Degree

You have successfully graduated college with a biology degree, but now what? It’s common to second-guess your professional career path, especially if your initial plan was to attend medical school. So if you are searching for an alternate, faster way to become a distinguished health care professional, there is a perfect option for you – become a nurse with a biology degree through Marquette University’s Direct Entry Masters of Science in Nursing program located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

This innovative, accelerated program combines online learning, onsite labs and in-hospital clinical rotations so you can turn your biology degree into a master’s in nursing in less than two years. Still on the fence? Here are the top five reasons biology majors are choosing accelerated options, like Marquette’s Direct Entry MSN program, to leverage their degrees and enter the healthcare field as a registered nurse.

reasons to become a nurse with a bio degree

1. Your career goals changed.

Many biology majors begin their educational journey with a goal to go on to medical school after graduation. But, like many, by the time you graduate your career goals can change. You may still want to get into the healthcare field, but becoming a doctor just doesn’t feel right.

Marquette nursing studentsThat’s what happened with William Mason, a Marquette University Direct Entry MSN student. After graduating with a biology degree, he realized that medical school did not align with his career goals.

“Medical school is more about curing the disease and nursing is more about caring for the patient and understanding what we, as nurses, can do to improve the patient’s condition,” says William.

After hearing about Marquette University’s Direct Entry MSN program in Pleasant Prairie, he soon found his true purpose. “Nursing school would not only help me to reach my personal goals, but allow me to provide care to patients in need,” he says.

Just like William, you too, have the chance to turn your biology degree into a nursing career you’ll love.

2. You can start sooner.

Just because you are shifting your career plans doesn’t mean you have to start over. In fact, your biology degree has already laid the foundation to your nursing school success and access.

The courses that you’ve already taken could be used toward a nursing degree through Marquette University’s Direct Entry MSN program. Prospective students are required to complete prerequisites, but many times, the courses you took during undergrad to earn your biology degree can count toward your prerequisites. That means you can start your nursing school journey sooner.

Because you majored in biology, your knowledge of the sciences, including chemistry, anatomy and genetics gives you a fundamental base for your nursing curriculum so it can be easier to adjust. You may be able to hone in on understanding more extensive nursing practices while recognizing how to connect with patients sooner.

3. You can choose your specialty.

Once you achieve an MSN degree, there are countless career opportunities available for you. Perhaps you are drawn to pediatric care, critical care, mental health care, or becoming a nursing educator – all of these are possible once you earn your master’s in nursing from Marquette.

Marlyn Paniagua“There are lots of different paths nursing can take you and that makes me really excited. There’s a lot of room for growth and movement.”
-Marlyn Paniagua, Direct Entry MSN Student, Class of 2018

While your MSN degree through Marquette’s Direct Entry MSN program is an advanced degree, you will still enter the healthcare field as an entry-level nurse. But, having this degree gives you a leg up over someone with a bachelor of science in nursing degree to continue your education and gain certification in the specialty you desire.

4. You are placed on a fast-track toward success.

With class starts in January and August, Marquette’s Direct Entry MSN program near Kenosha is able to condense your nursing education into an accelerated time frame by leveraging your previous biology degree.

The program is challenging and fast-paced. Students that excel in the Direct Entry MSN program are devoted, self-motivated and hungry to learn. They know how to handle their stress and aren’t afraid to ask questions and work collaboratively with fellow classmates.

The Direct Entry MSN program also provides you with excellent networking opportunities. Our in-hospital clinical rotations allow you to make a lasting impression on faculty at the top healthcare facilities across southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

“This program is preparing me to take on leadership roles.”
-George Vanags, Direct Entry MSN Student, Class of 2018

5. You will be sought after.

If you are truly considering earning your masters of science in nursing through Marquette University’s Direct Entry MSN program, there’s a good chance you are a go getter committed to climbing the ladder in the field of nursing.

Once you graduate with your MSN degree, healthcare employers  will also see the dedication and tenacity that Marquette University nurses provide. Not only do they count on them to fill leadership roles, but they expect them to coach the next generation of nurses.

Plus, your master’s degree can give you an edge when applying for positions at top area hospitals and healthcare organizations.

“I’ve always wanted to be at Marquette because of its reputation. That’s why I chose the Direct Entry MSN program.”
-Marlyn Paniagua, Direct Entry MSN Student, Class of 2018

Make a Move: Pursue Your Opportunity

No matter the reason you want to become a nurse with a biology degree, just know it is possible. From the prestige of the Marquette name, to the fact you will earn a master’s in nursing in less than two years, Marquette University’s Direct Entry MSN program gives you the opportunity you have been looking for. You will be prepared to enter the nursing field in less than two years, and you will gain the knowledge you need to advance as a leader in the healthcare industry.

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