From BSN to Nurse Practitioner: Benefits of Marquette’s ACNP Program

It’s a new year and advancement within your career is the resolution sitting pretty at the top of your list. You are a registered nurse and determined to aim higher: BSN to nurse practitioner. With nursing being your passion, becoming a nurse practitioner will allow you to excel in the health care industry.

From BSN to Nurse Practitioner: Aim Higher

Marquette’s BSN to Nurse Practitioner Program

Marquette University’s BSN to nurse practitioner program, the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program in Indianapolis, offers the opportunity to succeed in your professional development, helping you become more valuable to current and future employers.

An intense level of commitment grants long-term benefits to students participating in the program. By earning an MSN degree, you are showing others that you are goal oriented and driven, as you earn more autonomy in the nursing field.

Marquette University’s College of Nursing can help you reach the imaginable while supporting you with top notch resources along the way.

Marquette University’s BSN to nurse practitioner program truly speaks for itself. A major focal point of the program is Marquette University’s partnership with St.Vincent. With these two reputable organizations paired together, leadership, advancement, and success is right around the corner.


Accredited through the distinguished Higher Learning Commission, a commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Marquette University is shaping many students’ lives while taking bold strides in higher education.

Attending an accredited school such as Marquette University ensures you are earning a quality education that will be recognized by future employers, educators, and peers. This will not only allow you to look good on paper, but will give you professional and educational flexibility.

The accreditation process allows the college to strive in excellence through an ongoing self-examination process.

Hands-On Education

Hands-on education is one of the best ways to gain experience for real-life situations. Prepare to jump right in as you complete 750 clinical hours in various acute care settings, learning each step of the way.

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Marquette University and St.Vincent Health will equip you with highly trained preceptors serving as a mentor through each clinical. Through the program’s detailed hands-on learning structure, students gain leadership skills by shadowing their paired preceptor and enhancing communication and listening skills. The program prepares students to handle direct patient management skills in acute and complex care environments.

As the demand for highly trained nurse practitioners increase, health care colleagues are seeking out APNs with excellent leadership skills to advance their practice.

Part-Time and Flexible Online Curriculum

With hands-on training and online nurse practitioner coursework, you are eligible to earn your Master of Science in Nursing in 28 months. Many students partaking in the program appreciate the part-time flexibility that allows them to continue working full time.

Through Marquette, you are able to continue working as you earn your MSN, allowing you to complete course work based off your schedule.

Being a registered nurse, as you know, consists of constant innovation and learning techniques. Marquette University’s state-of-the-art learning system, Canvas, allows students to explore various learning styles. Its intuitive design makes it simple to navigate, formatting lessons for your learning style.

Salary Improvement

Gaining your MSN to go from BSN to nurse practitioner not only adds another title to your name, but it vastly improves your salary options as well.

Higher demand for qualified nurse practitioners equals higher salaries. With such a wage increase, more registered nurses today are pursuing graduate training. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, BSN holders can see a salary increase of almost $40 an hour by earning their MSN degree.

There are many other factors to consider in which affect salary increase, such as the following:


Having a very specific focus on an area of expertise can make you extremely valuable. For example, an Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (which you are eligible to become through Marquette’s ACNP program), will have a higher salary than a nurse case manager.

Years of experience

In any profession, experience means a lot. Usually, individuals with more experience can apply for higher level positions, gaining a higher salary.

All nurses know that you must start from the very bottom and climb your way up the ladder. As you may have heard from day one of your career, volunteering and on-the-job training is critical.

Geographic region

Location, location, location! Salary highly relies on geographic region. Larger hospitals located in metropolitan cities often offer a higher salary than smaller cities. The cost of living is also an important factor. For example, nurses in New York City or Seattle will make higher earnings based off higher taxes and living expenses.


Who you are employed by can determine your salary earnings tremendously. For example, nurse practitioners at a well renowned hospital, such as St.Vincent Health, will experience a difference in pay, as opposed to a nurse practitioner employed at a nursing home, community center, or public school.

More Nursing Opportunities

Nursing opportunities are endless when you obtain an MSN, and it will open a variety of doors. The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program can provide the following job opportunities within your career:

  • Management, administrative, and research positions
  • Nurse consulting
  • Nurse educator
  • Advanced nurse practitioner

St.Vincent Partnership with Marquette University

St.Vincent Health and Marquette University take higher education to another level, paving a pathway of success for students in the ACNP program. Both organizations share the desire to positively shape the lives and health of the community. Their perseverance guides students in becoming the best health care providers they can be.

Learning from the best will allow you to become a leader and a true role model for others. Students that participate in Marquette University’s Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program in Indianapolis are assured to have a rewarding future, setting themselves apart from average.

Are you ready to earn your MSN and become an Adult-Older Adult Acute Care NP? Speak to a Marquette admissions advisor and learn how you can get started.

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