New Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program in Indianapolis

Satisfaction in your career is about more than knowing what you are doing every day. Being truly happy in your field means you enjoy going to work, have a sense of accomplishment, and are excited about the future prospects within your field. Many BSN-educated nurses find themselves happy in their careers, but want to continue to advance for true satisfaction.

With Marquette’s new Adult-Older Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program in Indianapolis, RNs can pursue a Master of Science in Nursing with a specialty in acute care without putting their careers on hold.


What is the Adult-Older Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program?

The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program in Indianapolis is one-of-a-kind. Through the partnership between Marquette University and St.Vincent Health in Indianapolis, baccalaureate-educated registered nurses are able to earn a master’s degree in nursing with minimal disruption to their current jobs.

Once you have earned your Master of Science in Nursing, you will be fully prepared to take the ANCC Acute Care Nurse Practitioner certification exam and begin your nurse practitioner career.

Your education will consist of advanced, master’s-level courses in a virtual classroom and a one-on-one preceptorship within the St.Vincent Health network in Indianapolis, where you will have a chance to work with real patients under the supervision of a preceptor with expertise in acute care.

Online Learning Creates a Portable Classroom

Online nurse practitioner program courses allow students to complete their master’s degree whenever and wherever they want.

Students in the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program will complete courses through Canvas, an interactive, mobile friendly online learning platform that will keep you engaged and offer you flexibility.

Online ACNP classes will consist of:

  • Discussions with your fellow ACNP students and professors
  • Interactive virtual simulations that help bring the material to life
  • Readings and practice quizzes
  • Lectures that can be absorbed at your own pace

Since your classes are online, you will essentially have a portable classroom, so you aren’t hindered by the time constraints of your professors or fellow students.

A One-on-One Preceptorship

One-on-One PreceptorshipBecause Marquette University has partnered with St.Vincent Health to deliver the ACNP program, students have a unique benefit typically not found in master’s-level nursing programs: a preceptorship provided for you.

Your preceptorship is a critical component of your education. We will establish a one-on-one preceptorship for you, allowing you to focus on your classes and your current patients instead of worrying about securing a preceptor and gaining the right experience.

Your preceptorship allows you to:

  • Build a personal relationship within your specialty area
  • Conduct physical exams
  • Observe patient interactions, diagnoses, and treatments in acute care settings
  • Diagnose and treat patients

Working While Earning a Master of Science in Nursing

How can you possibly work full time as an RN, take online courses, and complete a preceptorship all at the same time?

So long as you meet the deadlines established by your professors in the beginning of each semester, you can do your coursework whenever you need, meaning you can work it around your current schedule. Even if your work schedule changes, you can complete classes when you have the time, whether it’s early in the morning, in the afternoon, on weekends or days off, or at night.

You will complete 42 credit hours spread out over seven semesters,
so you won’t feel overwhelmed by taking too many classes at the same time.

Additionally, St.Vincent Health understands that you want to continue to work while earning your degree. Therefore, your preceptorship can be set up to work around your nursing schedule as well.

Why Become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner?

Becoming an acute care nurse practitioner through Marquette University means you can advance your nursing career and work in a specialty area that’s in high demand. But how is it so different from a nursing career with a Bachelor of Science degree?

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is your first step toward an advanced nursing career. As a baccalaureate-educated registered nurse, you are able to work within a health care facility, pursue research opportunities, and pursue management positions.

However, your scope of practice and choice of specialties are limited without a Master of Science in Nursing.

Becoming a nurse practitioner means you can have a broader scope of practice, pursue leadership positions, and specialize in particular settings such as acute care.

Where Can I Work as an ACNP?

Acute care nurse practitioners work in settings in which patients receive short-term care for acute, episodic conditions. These settings can include:

  • Emergency departments
  • Intensive care units
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Operating rooms

This incomplete list provides a glimpse into some places you can pursue jobs once you have earned certification as an acute care nurse practitioner, although there are many other options. Acute care NPs are needed in all kinds of health care settings.

Applying for the ACNP Program

Contact an Adviser

Marquette understands that you want to advance your career but can’t take time out of your work schedule to go through a lengthy ACNP admissions process. As such, you will be provided a personal admissions adviser to walk you through the process, answer any questions you have, and generally remain by your side as you apply for the ACNP program.

Before you do anything else, you should speak to an admissions adviser.

Your adviser can help determine your eligibility for the program, including which prerequisites you may have to complete before you can begin earning your master’s degree.

Gather Necessary Documents

You will have to gather some important documents for your official application. These documents include:

  • Your up-to-date resume or CV
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts from all the post-secondary institutions you have attended

Complete Prerequisites

You may find that you have already completed the necessary ACNP program prerequisites when you earned your Bachelor of Science in Nursing. However, if you and your adviser determine you still have a couple to complete, this is the time to do so.

Your adviser will work with you to create a plan for completing any missing prerequisites.

Apply for the ACNP Program

You will apply for the program through the online Nursing CAS portal, which allows you to submit all documents and your application fee in one place.

If you have questions while completing your application, your adviser is there to help.

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Have more questions about Marquette’s new Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program in Indianapolis? Reach out to an admissions adviser to get the answers you need.

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