Relocating for Nursing School: How Marquette Helps Students

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While the demand for nurses is on the rise, access to some of the best nursing schools is still limited for many students due to capacity issues. That is just one reason why more and more students are going out of state for nursing school and earning degrees from programs like Marquette University’s Direct Entry MSN option in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Why are students choosing to move out of state for this program? First, because Marquette’s Direct Entry MSN program offers two start dates per year, allowing more students access to its reputable college of nursing. Second, it’s an accelerated, 18-21 month path toward an MSN for those who already have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree.

Is going out of state for nursing school at Marquette’s Direct Entry MSN program in Pleasant Prairie, WI the right choice for you? Let’s look at some of the advantages this program offers you and see if it could be the fit you have been searching for.

Why choose to relocate to the accelerated nursing program

The top reason people choose to relocate for nursing school is access. It’s hard to find a school with seats available for qualified students because there is limited capacity and not enough instructors. Besides physical capacity, a lack of clinical placement opportunities severely hinders schools’ abilities to enroll students.

But many prestigious universities, like Marquette, offer accelerated nursing programs to help alleviate your wait and solve the capacity issue. Marquette’s Direct Entry MSN program in Pleasant Prairie, WI, features:

  • Multiple start dates each year (January and August)
  • The chance to earn your nursing degree in a shorter timeframe (18-21 months)
  • Clinical placements that are already established for you at top area hospitals
  • Online coursework taught by the same faculty who teach Marquette’s traditional nursing programs at the main campus.

Programs like Marquette’s are why more and more students are going out of state for nursing school. The Direct Entry program fast-tracks your future as a Marquette nurse with an MSN.

How we help you move

Once you have decided you are willing to relocate, the next step is to make the call to an admissions adviser to find out if you qualify for the program. For Marquette’s Direct Entry MSN program, enrollment requirements include:

  • A non-nursing bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • A minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • Completion of the GRE® General Test (waived for those with a 3.2 GPA or higher)
  • Successful completion of all prerequisite courses with grades of “C” or higher

Once your eligibility is determined, your admissions adviser will go above and beyond to help you with anything you need during your move, including anything from checking out apartments, to finding restaurants that feature your hometown sports team playing.

The way we are working with our candidates and their families, we have to take that extra step to make sure they feel comfortable with their move, says Rob Haworth, Admissions Adviser for Marquette’s Direct Entry MSN program.

That little something extra, helped seal the deal for William to make the move near Pleasant Prairie, WI for the program.

“When I talked to Rob, he was amazing,” says William, Direct Entry MSN student. “He was the only person I talked to from all the programs I was considering who helped me with everything I needed and prepared me for the whole process.”

Finding a Safe Place to Live

One of the most important things for students who are moving from out of state is safety. And that is also top of mind for Marquette’s Admissions Advisers. Rob says a student’s safety is number one when it comes to relocation because of a personal incident that he never wants another student to have to experience.

“I relocated from Green Bay, Wisconsin to South Florida when I went to college,” he says. “I moved blindly with a U-Haul in tow and, when I arrived at my apartment, there were bars on the windows and scum in the pool – so I know what it’s like and I won’t let my students live where I wouldn’t live.”

He says there is enough for students to have to worry about. How safe you will be should not be one of them.

Benefits of Pleasant Prairie Site Location

Marquette Direct Entry MSN Program Site Pleasant Prairie, WI

Marquette’s Direct Entry MSN site location in Pleasant Prairie, WI has many benefits that students enjoy.

“One of the other reasons I chose this program is because it’s conveniently located between two major cities,” says William. “It’s nice - I’m here in a small city, but if I ever want to go shopping or go out, I can go to Chicago or Milwaukee.”

William says that there is also a lot to do in the area, even if it’s smaller. “The lakes are 10 minutes east and I live right near large shopping centers so I have everything right around me,” he says.

Other benefits? No traffic and free parking.

“I don’t like driving in traffic and having to park in congested areas,” says Marlyn Paniagua, Direct Entry MSN student. “I really like the fact that traffic coming to Pleasant Prairie is better. Plus, there’s free parking.”

Ready to Make Your Move?

If you’re ready to go out of state for nursing school, we are ready to help. Our goal is to make sure your move and transition into a quality nursing program goes as smoothly as possible. The best part? In 18-21 months you could have your MSN degree from Marquette University.

Learn more about our Direct Entry MSN program in Pleasant Prairie, WI by contacting an Admissions Adviser today.